Lab 4

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Write out a scene from the Simpson’s Episode “Homer’s Enemy” as if it were a screenplay.  Include scene changes, camera cuts, and dialogue.

Genius at Work

[Scene: Simpson’s House. Medium Close up of Simpson’s basement door.  Sigh reads “Genius at Work”]

Voice Over (VO): Homer grunting and groaning at his project.

[Cut: Marge and Lisa sitting at kitchen table, watching the basement door, concerned. Homer continues to groan and scream about his project for 10 seconds.]

LISA:  Can I go downstairs and see what dad is doing?

MARGE: I wouldn’t bother him honey, he said he was making some sort of model for a contest. He says it’s really high tech stuff, that we wouldn’t understand.

[PAN:  To basement door, Homer steps out.]

HOMER: Marge, do we have any elbow macaroni and glue on sparkles?

[SCENE: Dusk. Wide shot of Bart’s Factory]

FX: [Metal Banging]

[Cut: Inside Bart’s Factory close up of Milhouse slamming on metal object.  Door Falls off.]

MILHOUSE: (Grunts)

[Cut: Bart Checks Watch, looks up, and pulls on end-of-day whistle.]

[Cut:  Canted Angle on Whistle as it blows.]

[Cut: To Milhouse Mid-swing]

MILHOUSE: (Ecstatic the day is over) Oh boy! Quittin’ Time! (Throws bat into stove. Moves stage right, camera follows Milhouse as he grabs his coat to leave.)

[Cut: Medium Shot of Milhouse with Bart behind him.]

BART: Wait just a minute Vanhouten somebody’s needs to guard this place tonight so it doesn’t get trashed. (Milhouse is froze as he was trying to put on his jacket.)

[Cut: Close up of Bart, hands on hips]

BART:  How would you like to be night watchman?

[Cut:  Over- Shoulder shot of Bart.  He produces a Guard Cap and Baton.]

MILHOUSE: (Turns to Bart) But I’m sleepy.

[Cut:  Wideshot, Bart approaches Milhouse with the cap and baton from the left.]

BART: No problameo! Here is a nickel for the coffee machine.

(Bart walks past Milhouse, leaving the scene. Milhouse walks off the scene with his head hung.)

[Cut:  Wide shot of Milhouse at the Coffee Machine on the factory floor. He purchases coffee]

[Cut: OTS, Milhouse watches the coffee machine produce a cup and a rat.  The rat squeaks and proceeds to leave his cup, then the coffee pours into his cup. Milhouse grabs the cup, turns and pans to the left of the scene.]

MILHOUSE: (While Twirling Baton and Looking around.) So this is my life.

[Cut. Wide Shot to open space in factory. Milhouse paces along]

MILHOUSE: At least I’ve done better than dad.


Amazing World of Warcraft

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Was introduce to this picture a few days ago, seems like a lot of crazy statistics. Never really understood how huge the game was so this is a pretty interesting read.

Homework 3

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Create a character identity using the FLBW(Fear, Limitations, Blocks and Wounds) technique.  Then create a descriptive character arch.  Who is this character at the beginning, how does this character grow and develop (what series of challenges will cause this character to grow), and how the character change their FLBW at the end of the game.  Write a series of fears, limitations, blocks and wounds for this character to overcome and react to.

Degnar the Impaler

Degnar the Impaler. A blood thirsty warrior returning from war, he has fought long and hard battles against his enemies.  Now he must overcome the hardest challenge, returning to a normal life.  He fears that his bloodthirsty attitude will translate over to his social life and therefore is very antisocial.   When he does mingle with a crowd, he is the strong, silent type, his limitation of speaking while in public leaves him to be alone.

The story begin while he is out at one of the celebrations that he goes to occasionally.  He is approached by a stunning young woman named Clarabelle, whom is only a few years younger than him.  She tries desperately to get him to talk to her, she’s noticed how lonely he seems.  Degnar shrugs her off, but while she’s doing her normal thing in the tavern, he keeps an eye on her.  When she leaves, he waits only a few minutes before following her out, thinking it would be easier to talk without the crowd around them.  He sees her get jumped by a gang of criminals, and suddenly, his worst fear comes true, he goes into a rage and saves the girl that was kind to him.

Unfortunately he is wounded by the four men that had jump the girl.  Clarabelle has seen his biggest weakness without even knowing his name, but feels compelled to help him.  She assists him, taking him back to her place to be restored to fighting form.  While he is being tended to by the girl, he has to relearn his skills as a warrior.  He has to regain his strength,  and though he has Clarabelle to help him along, he doesn’t want become well enough that he is able to leave her.  He feels as though he owes her and he always pays his debt.

Clarabelle seems to be very wary of him, knowing his power once he succumbs to his rage.  Her caring for him is unending though.  One of Degnar’s fears is that Clarabelle might provoke him at some point down the line and he might do something he would regret deeply.  So as he is getting better, he pretends to struggle, which in turn upsets Clarabelle because he is lying to her.  Degnar is nearly fully recovered, when Clarabelle is finally fed up with his lying.  She leaves him.  As she is walking away, she is kidnapped by bandits, and so begins his quest to get his woman back.  He had overcome his fear of exposing his bloodthirsty habits, and only wanted Clarabelle back in his arms.

Lab 3

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Create an interesting dialogue sequence between two characters in an existing game.  Use character layers to help create the struggling relationship.  Think about NPC relationships in games that you have played recently.  What are the struggled, conflicts, and friendships that these characters have?  Describe the characters and the situation. Write at least ten lines of dialogue.

After Link’s Departure

The forest was quite, news of the great Deku tree’s death had shocked all the Kokiri.  Link, the last to see the great leader alive was nowhere to be found and Saria was coming back from the forest’s edge, in tears. Mido rushed to her, “What’s wrong?” the child’s voice was full of concern.  Saria, tears wetting her rosy cheeks could only manage to choke out, “L-Link, he’s gone.”  Mido made a disgusted face, but seeing that the prettiest girl of the village was upset, he tried to comfort her. “It’s okay…he had the sword of the Kokiri and a Deku Shield, he can take care of himself.” His hand led the girl to her hut; he leaned up against the wall and then cleared his throat, “Did he say where he was going?” Mido couldn’t help but be jealous of Link being the Deku Tree’s choice.  He hadn’t even had a fairy up until recently! Hatred stirred in him, until Saria spoke up.  “He couldn’t stay, The Great Deku had to fulfill his destiny, there has to be something about him…he’s not like us.” She said, blowing her nose. “Yeah, I knew he wasn’t.  He didn’t even have a fairy guardian, and he was always having those nightmares.” The rival held his sharper tongue for the sake of Saria, “He’ll be back though, I just know it…he can’t just leave us all here, without the Deku Tree, the monsters will slowly creep from the lost woods.” Saria still held out hope. Mido wasn’t as confident. “Did he kill the Great Deku tree?” shocked, Saria threw a spare head-band at him, “Of course not! I don’t know how it happened, but I know Link, he wouldn’t do anything like that…” she started to sob again.  Mido felt a swell of guilt. “Sorry…it’s just…I can already tell The Great Deku Tree is gone…the forest has already lost some of its magic feel.” He sighed.  The two sat there thinking what would become of their forest. “He’ll be back,” Saria sighed, “He’ll be back.”

Homework 2

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You are tasked with the challenge of creating two competing factions who are pitted against one another in the game world.  The player must choose to gain reputation with only one of the factions.  You as a writer need to create the back stories for each of these races.  Explain why the two factions are warring against each other.  Also, you will need to create two specific characters, one from each faction which the player will interact with.  The two NPCs will plead with the player to take their side.  You will need to create dialogue for each interaction.

The Hilder Clan VS The Komodo Clan

The Hilder Clan and the Komodo Clan are two groups of rival aliens on a planet that the player’s character has crash landed upon.  Both of them have ways to fix the damage to the player’s crashed ship, but they both require you retrieve a weapon from the nearby mountain.  The Hilder Clan would use the weapon to take over the rest of the planet, with the Komodo Clan in their sights first.  The Komodo Clan would destroy the weapon, in hopes to destroy the very thing that the two clans are having this bitter rivalry over. It is up to the player to choose which one they will help after hearing both sides of the story.

Hilder Ambassador

Greeting, I’ve come to understand you come from a planet called earth.  It is much different from ours, but at least you have the life support system you do.  That will keep you running indefinitely, will it not?

a. It sure will, what would you have me do, Ambassador?  I know from my first experience with you your kind is quick to anger, so I wonder why you flatter me. ( Leads to 1.)

b. My largest concern is getting home, my life is the next.  Let me know the facts. (Leads to 2.)

c. Is that a threat?(Leads to 6. )

1. We realize that our scouts weren’t exactly kind to you, we hope that it doesn’t reflect upon the rest of us.  They were probably expecting those pitiful Komodo ambush them.

a. Still, I didn’t like the looks I was getting as I was escorted in, even if I am alien to this planet, everyone stared at me with hungry eyes.  Anyway, what did you need me to do for you? (Leads to 2.)

b. The Komodo?  Who are they? (Leads to 3.)

c. It’s easy to tell you’re all unintelligent scumbags, seems there’s not much a difference between humans and whatever you are. (Leads to 6.)

2. The facts are simply this, there was a temple discovered recently, it’s walls told a story of a powerful weapon being summoned by something that did not resemble us. My prophets believe that your presence here is carved into the walls of that temple, and that you will be able to summon the weapon.

a. A weapon huh?  What use do you have for a weapon? (Leads to 3.)

b.  I don’t believe in predestination, what aren’t you telling me? (Leads to 4.)

c.  I’m done listening to your preaching, I’ll find some other intelligent life. (Leads to 6.)

3. The Komodo, are our unfortunate neighbors to the east. They have infected this planet with the promise of peace, but we know they have technology that could wipe the planet clean, save for their filthy hides.  If you would just help us, we’ll be sure to make them a nonissue.

a.  A nonissue? Like you were about to make me? ( Leads to 6. )

b.  What’s in it for me? ( Leads to 5. )

c. Sounds…violent.  Are we talking about genocide? (Leads to 4.)

4. Our objective would be to wipe out the Komodo, to wipe them and their city out of our way.  We’ve both discovered the temple, and each has their own plans for the weapon, but we will need you to help fulfill our desires.

a.  Well I’ll have to think about that. To do that, I’m going back to my ship. So long, for now at least.  (End dialogue.)

b.  What about my desires? (Leads to 5.)

c. I’ll have to give myself some time to think about it. (Leads to 6.)

5. Well, with the power of the weapon, we can make the Komodo fix your ship before we obliterate them from the face of the planet, then you can be on your merry way.  It’s a win-win. We get what we want and you get to go home.

a. That’s something to think about, I’d like to go home.  Let me think about it. (End dialogue.)

b. Sounds too good to be true, how do I know you won’t double cross me? ( Leads to 6. )

6.  My sincerest apologizes again about the scouts.  I will not keep you any longer if you wish. However,  please keep in mind all that I’ve shared with you. We would very much like to put an end to this rivalry.

a.  Will do, now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to my ship. (End dialogue.)

b. Wait, keep what in mind? (Leads to 2.)

c.  Is there anything else you’d like to say? (Leads to 5.)

Komodo Ambassador

Welcome, I understand you’ve already had a run-in with our neighbors, the Hilder?  They can be rather brutish, but the seek a noble cause.

a. Really? Because from what I understand, they wish nothing more than  to simply wipe you from the face of the planet.  That doesn’t seem noble to me. (Leads to 1.)

b.  They were rough around the edges, but I’m sure you two can work it out. (Leads to 2.)

c. Yeah, they sent me here to kill you.  ( Leads to 5.)

1. Their desire to extinguish us is known amongst all our people.  We are aware of the weapon they seek, and ask you to retrieve it for us instead.

a. In return, you’ll fix my ship, right? ( Leads to 3. )

b. Why should I give it to you instead of them? ( Leads to 2.)

c.  And you don’t possess the same desire? (Leads to 4.)

2. We wish nothing more than to destroy the weapon that they wish to destroy us with.  We have been planning for a team to demonstrate to them the benefits of being our ally, rather than enemy.

a. That sounds too good to be true. (Leads to 4.)

b.  Why did they decide to be your enemy in the first place? (Leads to 5.)

c.  What’s my benefit of being your ally then? (Leads to 3.)

3. Yes, your ship.  We can fix it easily.  We just want to be sure that you’ll return the weapon over to us, instead of them, we cannot stress this point enough.

a. Sounds good, what you do with it is none of my business anyway.  (Leads to 4.)

b. Because if they know it’s gone, they’ll have no choice but to submit, right? (Leads to 5.)

c. I’ll consider it. (Leads to 6. )

4. We won’t be attacking them with it, if we wanted to destroy them, we have other means of doing that, be it disease or causing them to have a famine.   We simply believe that the reason they still are opposed to us, is because they believe they can destroy us.

a. What if they attack first? Before I get a chance to get back? (Leads to 5.)

b.  That’s a lot to think about, but I will. (Leads to 6. )

5.  We won’t let them take over our colony, because they would put our scientist to work on weapons, creating bastardizations of our technology to kill, we do not wish this to happen.  With them submitting to us, we can keep things as they are.

a. Good to know you still have ways of wiping them out even without weapons. (Leads to 6.)

b.  I’ll keep it in mind, I’ve got a big decision to make, excuse me. (End dialogue. )

6. Please think  this over, the only thing keeping them at bay now if fear of us.  We don’t wish for them to feel that way.

a. I’ll do what I can to help resolve this. (End Dialogue.)

b. You’re sure you don’t want to wipe them out? (Leads to 4.)

c. Wait, what? ( Leads to 2.)

Lab 2

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Develop a unique character using the character diamond discussed in today’s lecture.  List out four characteristics/traits that make this NPC more interesting for the gamer to interact with.  Once you have created you NPC create a 3-tier dialogue scheme for the character. Feel free to branch out into positive and negative reactions that the character can interact with.

Mikruth the Ruthless (Mercenary)

Character Diamond

Greedy – Everything he offers is in exchange for money.

Intelligent – Knows how to play both sides.

Vengeful – Does not take threats lightly.

Conniving – Everything he does is in his own best interest.

Mikruth is a character that the player will come across in a town that is just outside their goal of the capital city.  A way-point between his own farm town and the big city.  The hero, not entirely used to the corruption, will have several interesting options when interacting with Mikruth.

Dialogue Tree

Homework 1

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You are a writer for a new sequel to an existing game that will involve the player in a branching story.  Create a rough draft for plot points (at least five, with a paragraph for each) that will help the player navigate through the story of the game.  In addition, identify the areas of writing within the story and plot where interesting and Deepening Techniques can be applied.  Achievements and trophies are good indicators of plot points.  You can use these as good examples of what a plot point is in a game.

Left 4 Dead (3)

The game begins with the player as a felon, alone in his jail cell, only able to view the world from a window.  When the outbreak begins, it’s only a matter of minutes before the Zombies reach the jail, and the guard on duty is eaten alive in front of the player’s cell.  The player should then take the opportunity to search the guard for his keys and escape his cell.  Once free of the cell, it’s rather obvious he’s still a felon, with the orange jumpsuit, so arming himself with the guard’s pistol, he goes in search of clothes that are a bit more subtle. Once those are found, he’s able to leave, finding the world in a terrifying shape.

Now would be a good time to search for more survivors, even thought the player is an escaped convict, going it alone is a terrible idea.  Enter, two more survivors, a couple from a nearby town that were supposed to be part of the Red Cross response team to the breakout.  They drive the large, white Red Cross van, it’s medicinal innards gutted, save the first aid kits, to be replaced with guns, ammunition, and of course, explosives. Having stopped to see if the player needed help, they stay just long enough to draw the hordes attention.  The three fight off the massive, starving horde of Zombie, and it is at that moment that they decide that the player would be a valuable addition to their team. They introduce themselves, the newlywed couple, Aaron and Carla Leblanc. And now, it’s a party of three.

The player begins to get used to the new driving mechanics of the game, going through the large town in search of more survivors and resources. Some of the less active Zombies are simply standing in the road. With no other alternative and to the dismay of his new survivor friends, the player will have to guide the van through the street, and over/through Zombies.  It’s only a matter of time, however, that the loud rumbling of the van draws more attention from the horde.  It’s go time now, with the horde coming at the van from all angles. It’s about this time all of them wish they had been driving a snow-plow to make the charging zombie’s less of a hindrance to their escaping. Finally, the player’s able to drive free of the horde and onto the next town.

It is during this drive that the player will learn more about what the felon had been doing prior to his time in jail.  He explains that he had been recently divorced, and that his family had moved to the state capital.  Of course the ex-con would leave out the fact that he was an ex-con, lest the couple that were kind enough to bring him along should suddenly be frightened of him. It was a forty-eight hour drive from that town to the capital, but at least now they had an idea of where they needed to go. The three of them were headed to the capital to find his family, but on the way, they would stop and find more deserted towns, and try to find more supplies on the way.

Of course with its name being “Left 4 Dead”,  the party is currently incomplete.  With three towns to drive through  before they reach the capital, there will be three other optional survivors to pick up along the way.  First, a recent High School graduate, Lenard Owens, a rather geeky, but ambitious kid, who is loving this terrible situation, he had a Zombie plan, and now he is prepared with his shotgun and Zombie Survival Guide.  At the start of the outbreak, he had discovered his family (mother and father) gone, already turned to the infected, and he had been simply left alone.  His father, who was a proud sportsman, had been unable to get to his supply of weapons before the  infected decided to make him their next meal.   Upon finding Lenard, the trio also learn of his brother, who was attending college in the capital city. Seeking out his last bit of family, Lenard joins the party.

The second town and second party member that the group stumbles upon is a woman, named Jessica Renolds.  Jessica’s story is that she had simply been working at her job when a horde of infected had overtaken the town.  She was a waitress, and had hid in the freezer of the restaurant where she worked for almost a day, nearly freezing to death.  She finally had the courage to step out, and had fought her way to where the group met her.  Jessica explains to them that there had been reports on the radio saying the capital had so far fought off all the infected, and that the inhabitants were currently researching a vaccine.  It is just as she relays this information, that the group is attacked .  Everyone is pulled off separately, the player is able to retreat, along with Aaron, whom says he saw his wife being dragged away and insists that the two of them head after her, to save her.  This is where the player is forced to choose his party, picking two of the three survivors to save, before they head along their way.  What the player chooses will change each character’s outlook of the player.  For example, if you save Jessica and Carla, Aaron will be happy to have his wife back, but look down on you for not saving the Lenard.  Jessica will become infatuated with you for saving her and Carla and will feel the same way that Aaron does, thankful, but also judgmental about the choice of picking the new, random girl, over the boy, who was trying to reconnect with his brother.

The third town offers an third character, an older Gentleman named George Allen.  George is an ex-military man who was honorably discharged after losing a finger and two of his brothers to the war.  Upon finding him, the group learns that he was visiting his daughter when the infected hit this town, and had done all he could, fighting tooth and nail to save his daughter, son-in-law and his grandbaby.  Sadly, he had lost the battle and had been forced to run, barely making it out alive himself.  Divorced as well, he was planning on heading back to tell his ex-wife about their terrible loss.  He lives in the capital and would be able to guide them.  Again, however, the five of them are attacked, and it will be up to the player to choose his party. The player is still forced to have Aaron in their party; he will be the only permanent party member.  Once more, people will look up or down upon him depending on whom the player saves.

Finally, the group reaches the capital, to find all the barricades that had been set in place overrun with the infected.  It wasn’t as safe as Jessica had promised and it seems as though there’s only one place that the remaining survivors of the capital are hiding.  A large school, the one that Lenard’s brother was attending, is the last stand for several survivors (some of them from the previous games). Everyone finds who they’re looking for, and the player is exposed, his ex-wife letting the party know that he was supposed to be in jail.  Depending on how the game has been played so far, you could lose enough of the trust from your party members that they don’t wish to help you defend against the wave of Zombies that are on their way.

How does the game end?  It all depends on the player. For the first time in a Left 4 Dead game, your actions will have consequences.