Action Jackson

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Photoshop work for fun

Original Jackson

Original Jackson


Homework 7

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Using the technique learned in Lab 7, create an animatic to match the cinematic of a game.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


Lab 7

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Make a simple animation in Adobe Photoshop using different layers to simulate a .gif animation.

The bouncing ball

Click to see it in action!

Homework 6

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Storyboard a game cinematic using the three pane storyboard template.  Three pages only.

World of Warcraft – Cinematic Trailer


Lab 6

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Storyboard three scenes from the selected Mass Effect 2 cinematic

Mass Effect 2 Full Length Cinematic Trailer [HD]


Homework 5

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Storyboard a game cinematic or game trailer.  At least twenty-slides of the supplied storyboard template.  Convert to digital format and post on blog, if able.

Halo Combat Evolved: E3 2000 Trailer

Homework 4

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Write out a scene from the any video game cut-scene as if it were a screenplay.  Include scene changes, camera cuts, and dialogue. Two pages minimum.

The Death of Arthas

Scene:  The Frozen Throne, our heroes have just vanquished the terrifying evil known as The Lich King, formally Prince Arthas Menethil. As we open, the camera is following the trail of key items leading up to the fallen Prince,  first his helm, then his sword and finally, the defeated Arthas.  Dramatic music plays.

[Cut: Close up of Arthas, his eyes aglow with the power of the Lich King.]

ARTHAS: (Gasping for air)

[Cut:  Mid-range shot from Arthas’ perspective, seeing his father’s. Terenas Menethil II,  spirit rise from the ground.]

[Cut: Back to Arthas’ close up, the magic falls from his eyes.]

[Cut: Back to the spirit of the King, kneeling over Arthas]

[Cut: Over-the shoulder of the King, looking at his defeated son.]


[Cut: Mid shot of Arthas and Terenas Embracing]

LK Ending01

[Cut: Back to over the shoulder shot.]

ARTHAS: (Strained) Is it over?

[Cut: Close up of Terenas, looking around in contemplation.]

[Cut: Mid Shot of the two near another, Terenas puts his hand on Arthas’ to comfort him.]

TERENAS:  At long last…

[Cut: Close up of Terenas]

TERENAS: No king rules forever, my son.

[Cut: Over the shoulder shot, looking down at Arthas]

ARTHAS: I see… (still strained) only darkness…

[Cut: Close up of Arthas’ Eyes]

ARTHAS: …before me. (His eyes roll upward in death.)

[Cut: Mid shot of Arthas and Terenas.]

(Arthas falls away from his father, death has taken him. His hand falls toward the camera and lands with a massive thud.)

[Cut: Close up of Arthas.]

(Terenas’ hand grazes over Arthas’ face, closing Arthas’ eyes as he lays dead.)


[Cut: Wide shot of the Frozen Throne, High Lord Tirion Fordring approaches the fallen Lich King and Terenas. The souls contained within Frostmourne are swirling above, finally free.]

[Cut:  Wide shot, Terenas and Arthas to the right of the frame, Tirion still approaching from far away.]

[Cut: Close up of Terenas]

TERENAS: Without it’s master’s command…

[Cut: OTS of Tirion looking upon Terenas and Arthas]

TERENAS: (While laying Arthas down) The restless Scourge will become an even greater threat to this world.

[Cut: Mid shot of the laying Arthas, Terenas stands]

[ Cut: OTS of Terenas, as he speaks to Tirion]

TERENAS: Control, must be maintained.

[Cut: Close up of Terenas]

TERENAS: There must always be (Thunder Clap and Lightening in background, music crescendos) a Lich King.

[Cut: OTS of Tirion, looking on as Terenas joins the swirling souls, finally free.]

[Cut: Blend from White, Close up of Tirion covering his face from the blinding light.]


[Cut: Wide shot where Terenas used to be standing there is nothing, Tirion is in the left corner, searching for something.]

[Cut: Close up of Tirion as he looks over the scene of the Dead Lich King]

(Music is lighter, but still menacing)

[Cut: Tirion POV, as he approaches the helm of the Lich King.]

[Cut: Wide Angle of Tirion kneeling to pick up the helm]

[Cut: Close up of helm, Tirion picks it up]

[Cut: OTS of Tirion, staring into the Helm]

TIRION:  The weight…

[Cut: Mid shot of Tirion holding the Helm in front of him.]

TIRION: …of such a burden…

[Cut: Reflection of Tirion in the Helm’s jewel.]

TIRION: …it must be mine, for there is no other-

BOLVAR: (Interupting) TIRION!

[Cut: Mid shot of Tirion with the helm, camera pans right to the Frozen Throne, to an OTS of Tirion looking up at Bolvar]

BOLVAR: You hold a grim destiny in your hands, brother, but it is not your own.

[Cut: Close up of Tirion, he begins to move toward Bolvar.]

TIRION: Bolvar!

[ Cut: OTS of Bolvar, looking down from the throne at Tirion.]

[Cut: Close of up Tirion]

TIRION: (to himself) By all that is holy…

[Cut: Bottom of Frozen throne, camera tilts up to reveal a charred, but alive Bolvar]

BOLVAR: The dragon’s flame, sealed my fate.  The world of the living…

[Cut: Close up of Bolvar]

BOLVAR: …can no longer comfort me.

[Cut:  OTS of Bolvar, Tirion approaches]

[Cut: OTS of Tirion, looking down at Bolvar]


BOLVAR:  Place the crown upon my head Tirion!

[Cut: OTS of Bolvar looking at Tirion]

BOLVAR: Forevermore….

[Cut: Mid-shot of Bolvar]

BOLVAR: I will be the jailor of the damned.

[Cut: Mid-shot of Tirion]

TIRION: No old friend…

[Cut: OTS of Bolvar, Tirion turns away]

TIRION: I cannot-

[Cut: Close-up of Bolvar]

BOLVAR: (Insisting) Do it Tirion!

[Cut: Wide shot of Bolvar in the Frozen Throne, camera zooms out to reveal Tirion]

BOLVAR:  You and these brave heroes have your own destinies to fulfill.  This last act of service…

[Cut: Close-up of Bolvar]

BOLVAR: …is mine.

[Cut: Close-up, side view of Tirion as he thinks]

( Tirion begins to turn)

[Cut: Close-up of Tirion holding the helm of the Lich King]

[Cut: OTS of Tirion, approaching Bolvar to crown him]

[Cut: Side-view of the Frozen throne, Tirion and Bolvar looking at one another]

[Cut: Close-up of Tirion]

TIRION: You will not be forgotten, brother.

[Cut: Close up of Bolvar, helm is partially blocking him]

BOLVAR: I must be forgotten, Tirion!

[Cut: OTS of Bolvar]

BOLVAR: If the world is to leave free from the tyranny of fear…

[Cut: Close of up Bolvar]

BOLVAR: …they must never know what was done here today.

[Cut: Close-up of Tirion, he nods slowly in agreement.]

[Cut: OTS of Tirion, he begins to crown Bolvar the new Lich King]

[Cut: Wide side shot of Tirion Crowning Bolvar]

[Cut: Close up of Bolvar getting crowned, the helm is almost on]


[Cut: OTS of Bolvar, Tirion backs away now that he is crowned]

[Cut: Wide shot of the Frozen Throne, it starts to shake with magic, knowing it has a new master.]

[Cut: Tirion looks around, concerned]

[Cut: Close up of Bolvar, now the new Lich King, as he looks up, the helm explodes with light, sealing Bolvar in its grasp, the eyes of the helm now glow orange with flame.]

[Cut: Medium Shot of Bolvar on the Frozen Throne]

(Bolvar begins encasing himself in ice)

BOLVAR: Tell them only that the Lich King is dead…

[Cut: OTS of Bolvar, Tirion is backing away]

BOLVAR: …and that Bolvar Fordragon…

[Cut: Close up of Bolvar, as the ice encases him]

BOLVAR: …died with him.

( Flash of Light, the new Lich King is now encased with ice)

[Cut: Wide shot of the Frozen Throne, Tirion is still backing down]

BOLVAR: (Voice corrupted by the power of the Lich King) Now go!

[Cut: Wide shot, the Frozen Throne in the middle Tirion is all the way down the steps]

BOLVAR: Leave this place and never return!


[Cut: To black, end scene.]